Tuesday , 19 March 2019

Health Tip: Common Cold In Children

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Common cold in children refers to nasopharyngitis. Generally it is caused viruses , with a gradual onset. It can be caused by B haemolytic sreptococi.

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Fever, malaise, and irritability, anorexia and vomiting may occur , irritation of the nose and throat , causing discomfort , sneezing and cough, chill sensation and muscular aches.

Antipyretic drugs help to relieve the fever.  In case of bacteria infection, antibiotics such as penicillin are prescribed. Nasal congestion may be treated by nasal drops.

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Rest is essential during the febrile stage. High temperature can be relieved by tepid sponge. Nasal and pharyngeal congestion can be relieved by hot moist inhalation. It will also provide comfort.

The nutrition intake can be improved by giving soft, well cooked , nonirritating food such as milk, boiled and mashed roots, and cooked fruit puddings .

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Prevention of spread of infection is important. Close contact with the patient should be avoided. Use of separate wash cloth and towel is necessary. Children should be taught about the proper technique while sneezing and coughing.

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