Sunday , 17 March 2019

Health Tips: The Signs of Pregnancy

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The Signs of Pregnancy 

pregnancy signs

The earliest and the most reliable sign of pregnancy, for women who have a regular monthly cycle, is a missed period.  Sometimes women who are pregnant have a very slight period,  losing only a little blood. Other songs signs of pregnancy are:

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Feeling sick, even being sick, not necessarily in the morning but at any time.

Changes in the breast. Often the breasts become bigger and tender as they may do before a period.  They may tingle. The veins may show up more and the nipples may darken and stand out.

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Frequent urination in the first trimester and later in the last trimester. Perhaps having to get up at night.

There may be an increased v*ginal discharge without any soreness or irritation

Having a strange taste in the mouth. Many women describe it as a metal taste.

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