Saturday , 16 March 2019

Health Tips: Swine Flu vaccines arrive, distribution begins today

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Swine Flu vaccines arrive, distribution begins today

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that the vaccines for the H1N1 flu arrived in the country.

The vaccines meant to prevent the spread of H1N1 infection following the Kumasi Academy outbreak, were expected to arrive in the country over the weekend but delayed.

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Apart from the vaccines, the country was also expected to take delivery of the anti-viral agents Tamiflu from the World Health Organization, as part of measures to combat the threat of the disease.

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The disease has been detected in at least a dozen students of Kumasi Academy in the Ashanti Region, where four students are suspected to have died from it.

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Other meningitis deaths were recorded at the Damango Senior High School in the Northern Region and the Bawku Secondary Technical, Tempane SHS, and Zuarungu, all in the Upper East Region.

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