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Health: Keep camphor way from babies

Keep camphor way from babies

camphor causes jaundice

Camphor can cause the  breakdown of red blood cells which may lead to neonatal jaundice.

All newborns are at risk of jaundice.
The eyes and skin can become yellow within the first five days of life

Babies with G6PD defect may react when the they come into contact with camphor and chemicals like sulphur and may cause excessive breakdown of red blood cells.

Exclusive breastfeeding is very important as it reduces the chance of being jaundice  in first few days of life.


Prematurity can also lead neonatal jaundice.

What you must do 

Never put camphor in your clothes

Wash all clothes with camphor before baby arrive in the house

Babies with G6PD defect must not be given drugs containing chemical like sulphur

Keep baby in a well lighted room and bring baby out every morning and check carefully for jaundice

Breastfeeding regularly

Avoid formula feeds

Consult a doctor as soon as you noticed jaundice in baby.

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