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Health info: Lassa Fever Awareness; All you need to know

lassa fever

lassa fever is an acute viral infectious disease which is endemic in West Africa.
The disease is gradual in onset with non-specific signs and symptoms.

About 80% of infectionsinfection are mild or without symptoms , however the disease can be severe and fatal.
The incubation period is between 2-21days.

Signs and symptoms 

Early symptoms include: fever, general weakness , and malaise .

In severe cases facial swelling , fluid in the lung cavity , bleeding tendencies  (from the mouth , nose, vagina or gastrointestinal tract ). The may result in low blood pressure and shock.

After a few days, headache, sore throat , muscle pain, chest pain , nausea , vomiting , diarrhoea , cough and abdominal pain may follow.

The disease may present like Ebola, yellow fever, malaria , typhoid fever, respiratory tract infections, ear, nose, and throat infections etc

How Lassa Fever spread 

Lassa Fever is transmitted to humans through contact with urine , salvia, faeces and blood of rodents. e.g. rat.

Sharp instruments such as needles that have been used by an infected person.

Non-professional handling of persons who have died of Lassa Fever .

Treatment of Lassa Fever 

There is an effective drug for treatment if reported early to a health facility .


Promoting good community hygiene in order to discourage rodents from entering home. e.g.
Storing grains and other food stuff in rodent-proof containers
Disposal of garbage should be far from the home.

Burial of death from Lassa Fever should be done by trained persons.

No human vaccine against Lassa Fever

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