Sunday , 17 March 2019

Paediatric Department Of Dormaa Presbyterian Hospital Celebrates Kangaroo Mother Care’s Week

Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) is used to promote closeness between a baby and mother and involves placing the nappy-clad baby upright between the maternal breasts for skin-to-skin contact.

KMC is done for preterm and low birth weight babies. The baby remains beneath the mother’s clothing for varying periods of time that suit the mother.

Kangaroo Mother Care, which orientated from Colombia was adapted in Ghana in the 1994.

Today, 15 May, 2018 happens to be a day Dormaa Presbyterian Hospital KMC unit Scheduled to celebrate the Day and continues for a week.

The week is celebrated to showcase the nesecity of KMC to the mother, baby and the nation. Some people think KMC is an untraditional practice, which is false and need be addressed.

The week is celebrated in collaboration with Voice FM which adapts the KMC Unit of the Hospital.

The week involves educating preterm mothers, society and the nation, on the benefits of KMC.

Below below are some benefits of Kangaroo Mother Care:
•it endorses the notion of togetherness, which is far removed from the treat of separation

•Mothers show thermal synchrony with their babies in a thermoneutral range.
•It provides a sense of containment and closeness that is reminiscent of the uterus.
•The mothers are more likely to become their babies advocate.

Below are photos of Staff demonstrating how KMC is done ……….





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