Saturday , 16 March 2019
Nyahururu Teachers Flee After Smashing Standard Pupil’s Testicles

International News: Nyahururu Teachers Flee After Smashing Standard Pupil’s Testicles

A seven-year-old standard one pupil of Kamukunji primary school in Nyahururu was admitted to hospital on Thursday after an assault by three teachers.

The boy sustained serious injuries on his genitals amid claims the teachers kicked him on the left scrotum causing a 6cm tear after the Wednesday incident.

The teachers, only identified as a Mr Macharia, Kimeria, and Ngugi, who assaulted the boy had disappeared from the school by the time the boy’s mother got there.

Mary Wangeci said she was called to the school by the head teacher on Wednesday at 4 pm after which she was informed her child had a problem.

“I found the boy in the staffroom with teachers who did not explain why they did not take him to hospital.”

Wangeci said what she gathered from other children is that her son was found playing in class by Macharia – a standard three class teacher. “I was told they assaulted the child because he is naughty.”

The child will undergo surgery to restore the testicles and stitch the scrotum. The other body organs were found to be okay during an examination.

The police are waiting for the child to be discharged from hospital so that they can take his statement.

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