Thursday , 14 March 2019

lifestyle: The secret in wearing waist beads by some Ghanaian women

Waist Beads, also known as belly beads, have traditionally been worn by Ghanaian and African women in general since the 15th century to serve many celebratory purposes.

In Ghana, a bead is rarely a simple ornament; beads are worn visibly as a sign of status or hidden as an invisible yet perceptible signal to a husband or lover.

Here are Reasons Why Ghanaian Women Wear Waist Beads

1. They are worn as a sign of maturity.

Throughout several communities in Ghana, belly beads have been used to adorn girls and women and indicate how they have matured and grown.

2. Intimate Appeal

S€xual pleasure is heightened when men see waist beads resting seductively on a woman’s hips.

3. Some women use them as an instrument in losing weight.

The beads were used to alert women of their weight gain or if they became pregnant. For women who do not normally weigh themselves, belly beads can serve as an indicator of weight loss or gain.

4. Protection from negative energy

5. They are worn as a symbol of showing pride to the African heritage and culture.

6. They are worn to boost confidence.

The confidence of many the women who wear waist beads is boosted with the strings of beads round their waist i.e They are able to prolong s€xual activities.

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