Tuesday , 12 March 2019

Most Ghanaian Gospel Musicians Rely On “Juju” To Stay Relevant — OJ

Ghanaian gospel musician, Michael Oware Sakyi known as OJ says some gospel musicians practice juju.

Furthermore, according to him, they rely on those powers to say relevant. Also , in order to have hit songs.

Moreover, he disclosed that a colleague musician once took his music to a shrine just to bring him down.

He made these statements on Stacy’s “Restoration”.

OJ on gospel musicians using juju to bring people down
“Of course there is. They do it. Somebody has done that to me before.”
Moreover, Stacy asked how he got to know about gospel musicians relying on “juju”. He responded;

“It was revealed through prayer and three prophets confirmed it. They hadn’t seen it, I had not told them anything and they told me how the person was going to be disgraced and truthfully the person has been disgraced.
“People have very funny reasons for doing things. Some of us what we are doing is a calling and it is a covenant that my grandfather had with God to give him somebody like this in the family. I don’t struggle to write my songs. I can’t run with Usain Bolt.”

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