Tuesday , 19 March 2019
'I'm Not Copying Late Ebony, I''m Doing My Own Thing', Linah Khay Speaks

“I’m Not Copying Late Ebony, I’m Doing My Own Thing” – Linah Khay Speaks

“Owner” hitmaker Linah Khay of Enabort Entertainment has finally speak as some people tagged her of copying the style of late dancehall artiste, Ebony.

She has come out in a video telling the public that she is not copying anyone and that She’s doing her own thing.

‘This is Linah as we all know and there is no other name you will find or Linah-Ebony , there’s no way I can copy Ebony.
My scarf or anything else. I do my own thing, everything you see about, anytime al all you will see me, anything from head to toe is about Linah Khay, thus all’ She said.

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