Wednesday , 13 March 2019

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Hot News: Pastor Arrested For Selling Tickets To Heaven

In the Christian’s believe, even no one knows the hour or time of the second coming of Jesus Christ. But he did not leave without giving signs of the end time. The Bible admonishes Christians to be weary of false prophets in the end time. In Matthew 24:24, it is written “For false Christs and false prophets will arise and …

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Earth Moves, Cracks Open & Land Slides in Murang’a


Thousands of Murang’a residents are facing danger after faults and fissures opened up following more than a month of heavy rain. Many houses in higher areas are coming apart, as cracks widen beneath them. Experts say the problem is caused by intense cultivation of large areas, clearing of vegetation and destruction of forests. There are not enough plants with deep …

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Trump Says ‘Productive’ Talks Held on Reinstating North Korea Summit


US President Donald Trump says “very productive talks” have been held with North Korea on reinstating the summit with leader Kim Jong-un. In a tweet, Mr Trump said the meeting could still take place on 12 June in Singapore “and if necessary will be extended beyond that date”. He cancelled the summit on Thursday, blaming the North’s “open hostility”. But …

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International: North Korea says it’s still willing to meet with Trump


North Korea says US President Donald Trump’s decision to cancel next month’s summit with leader Kim Jong Un runs counter to the global community’s wishes for peace on the Korean Peninsula. Kim Kye Gwan, a top official at North Korea’s Foreign Ministry, said Pyongyang was still willing to meet with the US, in comments published Friday by the country’s state-run …

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