Tuesday , 12 March 2019


Sex Positions To Boost Your Intimacy With Your Partner

Good xxx position

These positions allow a couple to go beyond their sensory experience, intensifying the intimacy of their encounters and imbuing them with emotional meaning. 1.Woman On Top A man lying down with the woman on top can be a vulnerable position for both lovers, this creates emotional intimacy. He must rely on her decisions, while she is bared and exposed for …

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Do You Know The Benefits Of Orange?

Benefits of Orange

Benefits of Orange A study has found that eating oranges every day can protect people from developing macular degeneration, the common cause of blindness which has no cure at present. People who include at least one serving of oranges in their daily meals had more than a 60 percent reduced risk of developing macular degeneration 15 years later. Eating one …

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lifestyle: The secret in wearing waist beads by some Ghanaian women


Waist Beads, also known as belly beads, have traditionally been worn by Ghanaian and African women in general since the 15th century to serve many celebratory purposes. In Ghana, a bead is rarely a simple ornament; beads are worn visibly as a sign of status or hidden as an invisible yet perceptible signal to a husband or lover. Here are …

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How To Reach A Sugar Mummy In Ghana

Rich sugar mummy

Recently we highlighted on places where you can find a rich sugar daddy in Ghana and tricks on how to find one. However, due to popular demand today we want to make a highlight on ways you can use to get a rich sugar mummy in Kenya. As I always say, it ain’t a sustainable lifestyle, it’s just an adventure. …

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Leaked: Naked Video of SHS Girl of Eguafo Abrem Senior High School

Naked Video of another SHS Girl from Eguafo Abrem Senior High School, by name Charity Cudjoe in the central region. A viral video going on social media platforms involved a lady who is writing her WASSCE goes totally naked inserting fingers in her womanhood. Download load and watch below 11,922 total views, no views today

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